Dutch legal translation agency

We produce legal translations for the police, the judiciary, accountants, insurance companies, civil-law notaries, lawyers, debt collection agencies, international companies and other organisations like the Court of Justice of the European Union on a daily basis.

Throughout the years we have built up a large network of reliable, qualified and experienced legal translators who are able to produce legal translations in more than 30 world languages. To find out what we can do for you, request a no-obligation quotation.

Legal translators

Our legal translators only ever translate into their native language and have thorough professional knowledge of the legislation and legal procedures in their language area. They all have a higher professional education or university degree in languages and/or translation and can show that they specialise in a particular area of law (criminal law, international law, corporate law, family law, employment law, tax law, etc.).

All of our translators are required to maintain both the highest standards of integrity and strict confidentiality. In addition to this, our legal translators must be certified and listed in the official register of certified interpreters and translators (Rbtv). We only appoint legal translators who have at least three years experience. 

Certified translation in Dutch

Texts that are translated from or into Dutch can be delivered as certified translations as part of our standard service. If necessary we will also obtain an apostille certificate.

Certified legal translations Certified legal translations


Translations are done by people and even the best translators occasionally make mistakes. So we make sure that every translation is checked by a second translator prior to delivery. Translations are checked for content, consistent use of terminology and style.


Our translators and the project managers who work at our office are obliged to maintain strict confidentiality. We follow rigorous procedures for the keeping and destroying of texts and the saving and deleting of files. If the confidentiality of a project requires it, files are sent encrypted. We will also issue a Certificate of Confidentiality on request.

Certainty and quality

With a legal translation by Context Talen you are assured a high-quality translation, delivered on time and at a reasonable price. You also have the confidence of knowing that your documents are kept completely confidential. Our online translation platform also ensures that digital files are sent over a secure HTTPS connection and translated within a secure online environment. To find out what we can do for you, request a no-obligation quotation.