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Context Talen regularly translates medical documents for clients in the (bio-)pharmaceutical industry, veterinary pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and companies that supply medical devices and equipment.

When translating medical documents it is essential that the translation is an exact rendition of the source text and that it is completely unequivocal. So our translators specialise in a particular area of medicine as well as being qualified translators.

Medical texts

The medical texts that Context Talen translates include:
• instruction leaflets supplied with products 
• research protocols
• patient information
• questionnaires
• medical reports
• product descriptions
• scientific articles
• educational material


Medical translations Medical translations


Every translation is checked by a second translator prior to delivery. The second translator checks the accuracy of the translation and the consistency of the terminology and corrects any stylistic and spelling errors.

Back translations

Our medical translation services include the production of back translations. To check the accuracy of a translation it is translated back into the source language without reference to the source text. Needless to say, a back translation is never done by the translator who produced the original translation.

We produce back translations of documents such as patient information leaflets, questionnaires and reports of different phases of research in order to check the accuracy of the original translation.


Context Talen delivers extremely high-quality medical translations on time and at a reasonable price. To find out what we can do for you, request a no-obligation quotation or call for more information.