Dutch technical translation agency

Technical translations come in many shapes and sizes. But these texts have one important thing in common: they need to be very clearly translated. Manuals that can be interpreted in different ways do not work, and safety instructions that are not clear may even put someone’s life at risk. 

Given that this is the case, we only appoint technical translators who can show that they specialise in one or more technical fields. It goes without saying that they are also qualified translators. They only ever translate into their native language and every translation is checked by a second translator prior to delivery.

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Technical subjects

In recent years Context Talen has regularly produced technical translations for clients in the following fields:
•Construction and civil engineering
•Electro technology
•Mechanical engineering
•Water technology

The texts range from manuals, product safety sheets, reports and product specifications to websites and tender documents.

Technical translations Technical translations

Translation of specialist and technical terms

When it comes to technical texts, it is essential that specialist and technical terms are translated accurately and consistently. At Context Talen we use an online translation platform to ensure that this is the case. This is a web application that consists of two modules: a project management system explicitly designed to manage translation projects and a translation editor with translation software and translation memories.

Specialist and technical terms that are specific to your company or industry are stored in your own client-specific translation memory. This guarantees that the technical terminology in your texts is always translated consistently. You can also specify any preferred terminology. We will then add this terminology to the translation memory and the translator will automatically be shown your preferred terminology when translating your texts.

Discount for overlapping text

Besides ensuring that texts are translated accurately and consistently, a translation memory also offers you cost savings, because you pay less for repeated text than for new text that needs to be translated. When translating catalogues and product lists the cumulative discount can be quite considerable. The translation memory also reduces the time it takes to translate these texts.

Certainty and quality

With a technical translation by Context Talen you are assured a high-quality translation, delivered on time and at a reasonable price. To find out what we can do for you, request a no-obligation quotation or call for more information.