Translation software and translation memories

At Context Talen we work with a web application that consists of a project management system specifically designed to manage translation projects and a translation editor with translation software. This so-called translation platform offers our clients convenience, speed, security and cost savings.

Secure translation environment

The translation platform serves as a secure online work environment for our translators and proofreaders. Texts are uploaded and downloaded over a secure HTTPS connection, with files being encrypted prior to being sent. Our translators and proofreaders also translate and proofread your texts within this secure online environment.

The advantages of a translation memory

The translation software used within the platform supports the translation process by storing all translated text in a translation memory. This guarantees consistency and also speeds up the delivery time. And since you pay less for any overlapping text, a translation memory also offers cost savings.

Translation in Adobe InDesign, PowerPoint, HTML, etc.

The translation software used within the translation platform is compatible with many different file types. For example, we can produce translations in Word, Excel, XML, HTML, XHTML, Adobe InDesign and PowerPoint. The text in these files can be translated in the web application while preserving the layout.

The cost of a translation

Request a quotation and, during office hours, we will quote you a price within the next two hours. Naturally you are also welcome to contact us for more information before requesting a quote.